HackerNest 1-minute Volunteer Overview (signup form below!)

- be kind, welcoming, pleasant, polite even if others aren't

- be familiar with all roles/stations so you can help wherever needed

- ask questions; city volunteer teams are full of helpful people (like you) happy to hook each other up with contacts, rides, jobs, advice, fries, etc.

- for the love of all that is good and right in this world, wear comfortable shoes; cannot stress this enough


Setup/cleanup - everyone does this

- light moving of stuff, learn what each station/role requires

**Registration** - best for masterminds and jobseekers

- smile, mark attendance, write nametags, check ID if young-looking
- pass sponsors/partners to runners
- shut down for announcements/SuperConnect

**Runner** - mostly herding

- hang by registration
- bring sponsors/partners to team leads, make sure they're set up - explain schedule, announcements, SuperConnect
- for announcements: herd speakers, notify stations to shut down, audience crowd control
- for close: crowd control, gently boot nerdy people

**Bar** - smile, serve drinks

- pour drink into cup 60%, serve
- don't serve people who might be drunk or minors, defer accountability, err on side of "not getting fired"
- shut down for announcements/SuperConnect

**Healthcare** - check/protect everyone

- check on attendees, introduce solo attendees to others if they want
- check on sponsors/partners/volunteers/organizers -- need anything? water? respite?
- crowd control for announcements and closing
- take crowd/happy photos and showcase diversity!
- this is really everyone's secondary role; take care of each other

General Schedule (timing varies by city)

18:00 - Briefing, Setup

- arrive, pizza, get briefed, intros
- setup stations: entry, registration, bar, room
- assign roles, determine Shift 2 flow

19:00 - Shift 1

- all stations go live: registration, runners, bar, healthcare

19:45ish - Announcements, SuperConnect

- herd speakers, shut down stations, crowd control
- SuperConnect (all volunteers can participate)

20:00ish - Shift 2

- unstaff registration, but remain vigilant for late arrivals
- trade off on bar as needed so volunteers can chat up attendees

21:45 - Cleanup, crowd control

- keep venue host happy, encourage attendees to exist elsewhere, push to afterparty, etc.

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Handy Ryver Setup Instructopic* for Volunteers!



* We just made this word up. Whaddya think? :D