Tech Social FAQ (Flagrantly Asked Questions)

1. Overview: What are Tech Social events all about?

2. Who shows up?

3. Why should I attend? Why do other members come out?

4. What's the typical agenda?

5. What's SuperConnect? Why is it special?

1. Overview: What are Tech Social events all about?

Tech Socials are exactly what they sound like -- down-to-earth gatherings where you'll find developers and other technologists who like sharing tech advice, punditry, and bad puns over friendly drinks. Nonprofit and agenda-free, we unite the city's tech and innovation community.

Note: Tech Socials may or may not feature free pizza and/or booze; that really depends on the hospitality of our Venue Host Sponsor. 


The Tech Social is the
fun, relaxed way to connect with other truly supportive nerds. Show up, grab a drink, chat. Easy. Beginner? Pro? Noob? Charming? Awkward? Doesn’t matter. Hang with pleasant people who get you: developers, designers, marketers, students, founders, and everyone in between. Though the vast majority of attendees are tech professionals, non-technical folks interested in the industry are also welcome. We're 'safe space' for friendly tech nerds.

Strict no-dirtbag policy.

"HackerNest feels like coming home" - attendees


First timer? Expect this:



We're a true community that...

  • gathers people from all walks of life -- tech and non-tech
  • attracts genuinely friendly people who get what you're saying
  • hosts people from one of the loneliest industries, so nobody judges you negatively for coming alone (everyone knows that attending solo takes courage and deserves respect)
  • reminds you what it's like to be human after 10+ hours of LCD tanning
  • is adamantly unpretentious and discrimination-free 'Safe Space' for nerds; you can relax, drop the image, and just be you since everyone's chill and welcoming
  • has a strict no-dirtbag policy


2. Who shows up?

People looking to hire/get hired.
Your new fishing (not phishing) buddies.
H4ck3rs. Hacks. Designerds. Data scienticians. Hardware engineerds. Developers. Venture ¢apitalist$. Venture communists. Entreprenerds. Killer robots. Sapiophiles. Social mediaphiles. Cloud network architects. Writers. Machine learning cyborgs. Artificially intelligent product managers. Accomplices.


3. Why should I attend? Why do other members come out?

Our big survey revealed four main categories of reasons why people value our Tech Socials. (Warning: If none of the following applies to you, you might be a zombie. Please stop reading and seek immediate medical attention.)


> Fun, Socializing, Nerding Out, New Friends, Feeling Human, Connecting

  • You want to meet friendly, accepting people who can appreciate the nerdy stuff you're into -- and you hope to join the 88.6% of them who made real friends at HackerNest
  • You're a woman in tech and - though you're strong enough to take on anything alone - wouldn't mind some camaraderie and laughing at silly stuff with the 25.6% of other attendees who really understand
  • Like 66.9% of members, you're curious about what the local tech community is up to and want to learn about latest trends, interesting new tech, startup gossip, etc.
  • You want (intelligent) human social interaction after spending 8+ hours stuck to your computer/desk/ceiling


> Tech Advice, Guidance, Learning, New Approaches, Best Practices, Problem Solving Support

  • There's so much to learn from our 84.5% tech membership and you prefer getting answers from 5 mins of talking instead of countless hours filtering search results... after all, it's easier to trust someone when they're not just anonymous lines of text behind a VPN
  • You recognize that Tech Socials harbor an unusually high concentration of experienced tech professionals (66.8% have 4+ years of experience) that actually enjoy sharing and interacting with others (89.2% dig these conversations)     


> Career Advice, Work, Jobs, Employers, New Opportunities, Contracts, Staying Informed

  • You're possibly looking for a new job, role, project, or work opportunity and wouldn't mind getting some advice, mentorship, insight, or introductions from the 91% of members who are gainfully employed
  • You're not necessarily looking to jump ship, but are curious about the world outside your bubble, so chatting with sponsors is helpful
  • You want to improve and/or acquire skills -- and hope the 73.4% of HackerNesters with formal tech training can give credible recommendations of where to look
  • You work with one or more dirtbags

> Business, Startup, Entrepreneur Networking, Advice, Recruiting, Partnership, Solidarity


  • You're an ambitious, upstart startup/entrepreneur or work for a company and want typical stuff: validation, customers, cofounders, recruits, feedback, advice, information, contractors, partners, etc.
  • You hope hearing war stories from others will give you the confidence to either snuff out your ridiculous aspirations or pull the damn trigger and make your dreams come true already

4. What's the typical agenda?

Make sure you check the timing at specific events, but this is generally how it all unfolds:

7:00pm - arrive, get drink, chat up nerds
7:30pm - announcements, SuperConnect**
7:45pm - more convos
9:59pm - get Amulet of Yendor, high-5 volunteers, jet

**5. What's SuperConnect? Why is it special?

SuperConnect is a hyper-effective activity we created to help you meet exactly the right people. Everyone stands in a big circle, then you get 10 seconds to tell the room who you are, who you wanna meet, and one thing you care about. It's a level playing field: too quick/simple to feel nervous (introverts rejoice!) and not enough time to be boring/funny/obnoxious/pitchy. Get a sense of who's in the room and you put yourself out there in a pretty relaxed way. Everybody actually wins.

Example: "I'm Pepito. I do DevOps at Future Shop and need a cofounder for my AI-crypto-ML app for chihuahuas. Why? Because I freaking love chihuahuas."

Participation is optional, but we've had only great feedback for it in every city we've tried it in. If you change your mind about speaking, just back out of the circle, no problem. Come early. Don't miss this!

Learn more about SuperConnect.



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