Sponsored Online Marketing Campaigns

Reach a wider technical audience.

Our online marketing helps you reach our regional audiences - each sendout campaign is exclusive to a single sponsor to ensure we can deliver a consistent, on-brand theme and message to our readers.

We’ve built a healthy breadth of audience from running over 1,200 community Tech Socials, hackathons, and innovation events in dozens upon dozens of cities around the world. Our reach spans an entire international tech community, or target our key markets across Canada and the United States.


The future of work will see companies deploy a significant remote and distributed workforce. Showcase your organization’s culture; compel talented and passionate people to apply for exciting new roles on the remote teams you are building. 


Evangelize your cloud-based product, get survey responses from technical people, give cool stuff away, or simply tell the world about ways they can contribute to your movement, social impact or cause project.


Once we understand your company, culture, and goals, we’ll get a running start and work with you to craft clever, entertaining, and impactful messaging to get positive responses. These premium email marketing campaigns include supporting social media posts.


Next Steps

Marketing Campaigns are customized packages and can be scheduled in as short as 2 weeks, please get in touch with us at sponsor@hackernest.com to discuss your options.