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A passionate technical audience.

Where technology booms, prosperity follows. HackerNest builds local developer communities in the name of economic development, connecting tech nerds so we can build a better world together. If you’re looking for more engagement in the local tech/innovation scene, want more visibility at a grassroots developer level, and are looking for ways to contribute to the pillars that supportive ecosystems are built on, we’d love your support! 


*Actually Supportive* Tech Communities.

Our tech people are proud, passionate, and unassuming. Tech Socials are the local events that anchor our community movement. Unpretentious, laid-back, agenda-free events that let people meet each other. We work hard to build inroads & pathways into cities we are in to reach our membership of passionate technologists. Read on for how we make you more visible in the most grassroots of all tech communities, connect you with technical talent that could become prospective hires, and talk about your cool projects, products, and services.

Smart apart, better together.

We’ve had great success sponsoring HackerNest. We get a good volume of people signing up from the Tech Socials, but the icing on the cake is the fact that we hired at least 3 people from one event last year!        -- Anton Mamine; Acquisition Specialist, Hover

Some past sponsors:




Sponsor the Tech Socials

Win the love of our community, in person! Get solid brand positioning, connect with talented nerds, share your products and culture in the most sincere, non-slimy way possible!


Tech Socials are ace for showcasing your we’re-a-great-company-to-work-for coolfactor, building relationships with local community talent,, and demonstrating supportive reinvestment into the community. Another perk -- your staffers get a fun place to go regularly with their team - great for internal morale/retention. This is qualitative engagement built on an atmosphere of relaxed socializing that connects passionate technologists.


Be a Tech Social Venue Host Sponsor

Venue hosting is synergistically accretive for existing sponsors plus is a great way for companies new to HackerNest to get a full sense of how to be integrated with our events.



Venue Host Sponsors provide event space + drinks & snacks, HackerNest brings the nerds - check this page for more venue hosting details. Attendees expect water/beer/wine and light food as the status quo; the hospitality our welcoming hosts provide strongly impacts how they’re remembered. It’s a great way to show support for the community! Hosting costs can be as low as $350 per Tech Social.




For more local sponsorship and hosting details, view our general sponsor info (Google slide deck) and the venue hosting details slide, then let's chat!

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The British Consulate-General in Toronto has collaborated on a number of high-impact tech events and campaigns with HackerNest. Their tech, social science, and community savvy, coupled with their global platform, enabled the British Government to deliver innovative outcomes in dementia research and cooperation between Toronto, London, and other global cities.        - - Kevin McGurgan, OBE; British Consul-General Toronto, UK Government

Your team + volunteers did an amazing job keeping sponsors and participants up-to-date. It's nice that I don't need to sweat over the details and be guided on what to do next. As a new evangelist in the field, it's great to have a partner to work with!        -- Alan Lok, Developer Advocate, YellowAPI (Yellow Pages Group)

In our mission of merging the worlds of technology and fashion, HackerNest has had a great input by bringing in the greatest minds from the former. They made us see that the true community is formed when people gather together to do what they love, no matter where they are coming from or what their current situation is        -- Robert Ott, Chair of Fashion, R.U. Fashion Zone Director, Ryerson University


Sponsored Email Marketing Campaigns

Cast a wider net with a more specific set of asks across a region, country/continent, or globally across our entire international community with our direct response email marketing campaigns that make you the center of attention. 



Great if you’re looking to hire remote and distributed teams, or you want to attract talent from outside your home cities. Perhaps you’d like to evangelize your cloud-based product, want survey responses from technical people, have cool stuff to give away, or simply want to tell the world about ways they can contribute to your social cause project. We work with you to craft clever, entertaining, and impactful messaging for the highest chances for positive response. Our flat-fee, premium integrated email campaigns include supporting social media posts and starts at $1,500. 



Run Elite Meets

Elite Meets are private, invite-only dinners that ‘raise the bar’ for a specific role by gathering professionals to candidly share knowledge and best practices with each other and your team.



These exclusive, single-sponsor events are planned and crafted with you. HackerNesters & others apply to attend. You choose your ideal guests and we send qualified candidates a dinner invite. This lightly-structured dinner gives you 3+ hours of intimate engagement that shares your culture and hospitality with truly top-quality talent while fostering strong relationships with seasoned and talented professionals. Your invited staff will both teach and learn -- keeping them updated with the industry’s latest and greatest. Everybody wins!





Marketing Campaigns and Elite Meets are customized packages, please get in touch with us at sponsor@hackernest.com to discuss your options.