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Tech Socials are chill, unpretentious gatherings online and in person that help connect everyone in a city or region's tech industry. They're great for spreading a message to a broad audience. If you're (also) curious about Venue Host Sponsorship, read this.

Virtual Elite Meets are small, invite-only, single-sponsor events to match with specific groups of top local or international blind-selected tech experts to share wisdom with and learn about each other. They're a fresh approach that will accelerate recruiting while building meaningful, longer-term professional relationships.

Other offerings:

Sponsored Online Marketing Campaigns can help you reach selected regions or our entire global community by making you the center of attention. Great if you're hiring remotely or attracting talent in specific areas, advertising, etc.

Hackathon and Community Event Production Training let you tap our deep, decade+ year expertise working with some of the biggest brands in the industry. With a combination of traning, coaching, and advice, we help your team run better hackathons and events.


Nonprofit Advisory Services is how we leverage our 20+ years of running and managing organizations to help nonprofits and social enterprises build infrastructure and capacity, deal with strategies and tactics in revenue strategy, marketing & promotions, selling sponsorships, building long-term partnerships, team operations, backoffice infrastructure, and growth options & expansion planning. 


Sponsor Feedback


I worked with HackerNest on two unorthodox projects testing new ideas, and in both cases the HackerNest team proved to be highly capable, agile, and professional. We would not have been able to deliver either project without HackerNest, and they made both events far more successful than we had hoped. They would be my first choice of partner for any technology-related project. I need to be able to trust that my partners will do what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it, and raise any issues immediately. This, in my experience, is HackerNest’s strongest asset – they deliver, no matter what.    -- John Preece, Ph.D.; Sector Development Officer, City of Toronto

Facebook is proud to partner with HackerNest. Their experience, dedication, and enthusiasm helped ensure things ran smoothly and it was a pleasure working with their team.    -- Jordan Banks; Managing Director, Facebook & Instagram

The British Consulate-General in Toronto has collaborated on a number of high-impact tech events and campaigns with HackerNest. Their tech, social science, and community savvy, coupled with their global platform, enabled the British Government to deliver innovative outcomes in dementia research and cooperation between Toronto, London, and other global cities.    -- Kevin McGurgan, OBE; British Consul-General Toronto, UK Government

We’ve had great success sponsoring HackerNest. We get a good volume of people signing up from the Tech Socials, but the icing on the cake is the fact that we hired at least 3 people from one event last year!    -- Anton Mamine; Acquisition Specialist, Hover

Thanks for doing such a great job hosting the evening. It was a lot of fun [...] we'd like to proceed moving forward with similar events. Thanks again!    -- Arlin Dueck; Director of Talent Acquisition, SkipTheDishes