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Better hackathons = Everyone Wins

Purpose-driven hackathons … carefully crafted to be effective, meaningful, and impactful ... are built on the pillars of care and consideration. They serve a greater good and the community-at-large. We are committed to sharing that knowledge & teaching this craft to leaders in our ecosystem. Our goal: better hackathons by everyone, everywhere.

We train and coach new and experienced hackathon producers to reach a higher performance paradigm. Improved, efficient innovation saves people and companies from squandering precious resources [ time, funds, opportunity cost, + more ] so they can spend more time on growing their nonprofit, charity, or social enterprise. 


We *won’t* run your hackathon for you.

Important -- HackerNest will absolutely not produce your event. Unlike others, we want your team to develop effective hackathon production skills - don’t keep paying others to run things for you ad infinitum.

In that vein, we deliver many combinations of training, coaching, & advice to develop hackathon and innovation prowess - typically most valuable in the early stages of planning. The outcomes:

Peak performance for the next hackathon you produce. ↔ Improved capabilities and a broadened skillset for your event production & innovation teams. ↔ Institutionalized hackathon strategy, planning, and production expertise that lives long in company DNA.

12 reasons public hackathons fail    -- Read up on what we think of hackathons - no flowery language or elegant arguments; just an ever-growing list of reasons why you shouldn’t run “public innovation” hackathons for impact.

Hackathon expertise without gambling with your budget.

We've spent a decade helping decisionmakers at the world's strongest brands turn innovation strategy into execution.



HackerNest is a veteran producer of large, public high-stakes hackathons and innovation events that require a full understanding of how everything fits within a grander plan -- whether that's to fuel product development, recruit, define culture, win political favor, shift brand perception, strengthen international relations -- the list goes on.



In producing events with partners like Facebook, Amazon, Deloitte, Dove, local & federal governments, law firms, and others, we have stewarded thousands of project teams from pre-inception, prototyping, to demos, to winning ... we are now one of a handful of companies in the world with expert-level breadth of hackathon knowledge, significant depth of experience, and a very unique, differentiated perspective on hackathons and innovation.

In case anyone wondered, *this* is what a #hackathon looks like. #DementiaHack #awesome #inspiring.        -- Amanda W., Executive Director & Director General, Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention, Public Health Agency of Canada

Facebook is proud to have been the presenting sponsor of DementiaHack. It was an honor and a privilege for me, as Chair, to have helped guide the event towards such a positive outcome. Anyone can run a hack event, but it is an entirely different thing to produce the world’s foremost dementia hackathon, which is why we chose to partner with HackerNest. Their experience, dedication, and enthusiasm helped ensure DementiaHack ran smoothly and it was a pleasure working with their team.        -- Jordan B., Managing Director, Facebook & Instagram

… provided strategic direction & tactical support throughout the program … valuable perspectives … very committed to our success. They continue to enhance the program with deep insights … helped support our drive to a changing culture within Deloitte …. confident in their abilities.        -- Keyur S., Deloitte



Bring the know-how of real-context, world-class innovation mechanics to your organization.

Make sure you build lasting institutional knowledge of proven hackathon strategies and methodologies while empowering your team with the right guidance: Our sage, time-tested advice & coaching sets them up for success -- strong production plan, actionable deliverables, and hands-on, practical experience leading up to a formidable first event!


Understanding Fundamentals
Advanced knowledge consistent amongst the hackathon production team is essential for synergy and effectiveness. To start, a comprehensive primer cycles through basic and intermediate frameworks and processes that producing hackathons involve.


Strategy & Positioning
Be poised for success with a hackathon crafted with definitive asks & goals, the requisite buy-ins, realistic performance metrics, and an inclusive structure amenable to all.


Comprehensive Planning
Leading up to the hackathon, meaningfully engage all your stakeholders - participants, mentors, judges, and more - gear them towards effectiveness & impact. When areas like mentorship and judging are structured well, they become key to problem solving and lets participants capitalize on a greater field of expert perspectives.


Production Finesse
Deliver your goal-oriented event with clarity, foresight, and with pillars for scale, disruption, and innovation. Have sufficient visibility to your target audiences and leverage those channels to communicate and reinforce your vision, message, etc.


Post-Event Stewardship & Aftercare
The end of the event is the beginning. Have critical paths to sustain the momentum participants built - relevant for winners and non-winners. Provide adequate recognition to minimize any ‘wasted effort’ perception. Ensure demonstrated lasting value to all sta


The world’s foremost dementia hackathon - this series focuses on developing tools and solutions to help people living with dementia, their caregivers, clinicians, and more.

A U.S. Department of State global partnership produced by HackerNest, this hackathon seeks tools and solutions to worldwide overfishing and sustainable fisheries.

A hackathon in partnership with Grindr to find innovative technological solutions to critical problems facing LGBTQ communities in North America and around the world.

A hackathon series in partnership with the National Center for State Courts to work on ways of providing better access to justice for all levels of society, not just the privileged few.



A free initial consultation to set you on the right path.

Get in touch with us at advisory@hackernest.com to discuss how we can help - a 15 minute initial information call, gratis - a litmus test to decide whether you need our advice and guidance. Easy, quick, and painless.

…the air in the room felt electrified, there was a feeling of sheer excitement and everyone was pumped. I thought that on the second day, this atmosphere would have dwindled, but it didn’t. If anything, it had increased …I would like to finish by saying that this was one of the greatest events I have ever attended. I was on a personal high for days after this event. It has made me personally strive to do better in the work I do for Alzheimer’s. If ever I was asked to participate again, I would jump at the chance to do so. No matter where or when, I would go just to experience this totally awesome experience again. I would also recommend to anyone asked to participate to say yes – this is something that I feel everyone should do at least once in a lifetime. As an off-note, my granddaughter attended and she was so amazed she has since decided to change her major in university. No matter what your age or your ability, this is an event to participate in, your youth returns while you are there and for a few days following. It definitely changes the way you see things.        -- Phyllis F. M.L.A., R.N., S.A.N.E.; Ontario Dementia Advisory Board, DementiaHack Mentor & Finals Judge

Some companies and governments we've worked with: