Launch Tech Socials in your city!

Build Your Tech Community.

Our Organizers produce regular community events that bring people in the ecosystem together.



Learn about what’s involved in being a community-builder, leader, champion of tech nerds, and planner/organizer of really fun, people-oriented HackerNest Tech Socials!


Read our Tech Social FAQ to see what our events are like and why we run them. If you’re looking to volunteer at existing Tech Socials, go here to connect with our local city teams.


Coming up on almost 2 years working with HackerNest KW and a lot has changed during that time. The team has changed. The community has changed. But, so have I. Beyond just the giant tattoo on my leg that I got to show off last night, (🙃) I've suddenly gone from being petrified of speaking in front of a group of 30 without having my exact words being written out for me to absolutely winging whole speeches in front of crowds of anywhere between 100-200 people. Protip: talking to people (and by extension, public speaking) gets a whole lot less scary when it's just something you **do** once a month. Thanks HackerNest for pulling me into this crazy, weird, and wonderful community.        -- S.W., Organizer

Why Be An Organizer?

Run awesome events that bring the tech community - actual people - together.
The growth of our collective network of awesome people is a win-win-win.
Be connected and part of our growing team of community champions around the world.
Learn to navigate grassroots communities, bootstrap engagement, and more.
Be better known in the community & stand apart at our events!
Get invites and access to other cool tech events in the community.


Your commitment.

This is simple and straightforward -- Once you’ve got a team together and are set up & onboarded by our HQ team, organizing should only take a few hours a month (plus, of course, the night of the event!) - much less if you’re more organized!


What you need to run your first event:

An official 2-person or more organizing team (that’s you!),
Onboarding by HackerNest HQ Operations,
Internal systems (Gmail, Ryver, etc.) access,
A venue sponsor ready to host your Tech Social,
Marketing & promotions to fill your first event,
Day-of event volunteers that’ll help!



What you should be like.

After coordinating with hundreds around the world to produce over 1000 technology events, we have a solid idea of personality traits that are essential in an organizing team.


Responsible and mature(ish).

Planners who are organized, responsive, adaptable, and have a tremendous passion for completing things - great traits.


Resourceful and versatile.

Self-motivated problem solvers that find creative workarounds and solutions when faced with barriers and issues are ace.



Since we are organizing events, watching timelines and keeping deadlines are key to us working together to cleverly orchestrate an event series without a hitch!


Tech savvy.

Not afraid of email, Google Drive, Ryver/Whatsapp/Skype/Hangouts, or any other collaboration and communications tools that we use to keep things organized and running.


A team player.

Share or divide functions and duties across your team and meet/call/check-in regularly to keep everyone on track. Chat with our other organizers & cities on how they do this!

...a big part of my team came to support me at my last HackerNest event. Plus, a big part of my former organizers showed up to support too. I love the communities I'm a part of and helped build. I once did an awkward talk on the importance of belonging to a community and the positive benefits one gets from finding that space...I still stand by my message. Belonging to a supportive community can grow everyone in it.        -- A.G; Organizer Alumni

If you're ready, fill out the application below!

Now that you have an understanding of why HackerNest exists, what the Tech Socials are like, what being a HackerNest Organizer involves, and you are the type of person we are looking for, fill this 15 minute application out. We'll get back to you, send you some information, and schedule a time to talk.  We have a quick and informal vetting process. Once you’re approved and decide to join us, you’ll get up and running rather quickly!


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