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Organizers produce regular events that unite the tech ecosystem. Who fits? People passionate about connecting with others around them. Methodical, self-driven, deadline-oriented pundits. You have some free time (important). Supportive personalities that ooze practicality and efficiency. A team player - because teamwork makes the dream work (with less effort)! :) 


If you have experience in SEO & ads, growth marketing, web, design, a/v & video production, or another functional skill to contribute read more about that too. ♥

Coming up on almost 2 years working with HackerNest KW and a lot has changed during that time. The team has changed. The community has changed. But, so have I. Beyond just the giant tattoo on my leg that I got to show off last night, (🙃) I've suddenly gone from being petrified of speaking in front of a group of 30 without having my exact words being written out for me to absolutely winging whole speeches in front of crowds of anywhere between 100-200 people. Protip: talking to people (and by extension, public speaking) gets a whole lot less scary when it's just something you **do** once a month. Thanks HackerNest for pulling me into this crazy, weird, and wonderful community.        -- S.W., Organizer

Why organize

Run awesome events that bring actually supportive tech people together.
Connect with our growing team of community champions around the world.
Stand apart as a leader that helps establish and engage your city's tech community.



Once you're onboarded and 'in the groove', organizing only takes a few hours each month. The work involves people and relationship management, communications and marketing, and fairly basic planning and logistics.


What's needed for your first event:

A minimum team of 2 organizers (ideally 3-4);
Onboarding session with HackerNest HQ;
Access to our various platforms;
A confirmed Venue Host Sponsor;
Marketing and promotion;

A few day-of event volunteers



What successful organizers look like

After running 1,000+ events with hundreds of organizers, we've found that the strongest teams are:


Responsible and mature(ish)

You're organized, responsive, and relentlessly committed to completing things.

Resourceful and versatile

You're never helpless because obstacles won't stop you.


You understand the urgency of live events requires everyone to use time effectively.

Tech savvy

You're unafraid of adopting new collaboration and communications tools (Ryver, Google Apps, etc.) to keep everyone organized.

Cooperative and cohesive

You work together pleasantly, share duties, and communicate regularly to stay on track.

...a big part of my team came to support me at my last HackerNest event. Plus, a big part of my former organizers showed up to support too. I love the communities I'm a part of and helped build. I once did an awkward talk on the importance of belonging to a community and the positive benefits one gets from finding that space... I still stand by my message. Belonging to a supportive community can grow everyone in it.        -- A.G; Organizer Alumni

Get started

If the prospect of organizing Tech Socials seems exciting and you feel you've got what it takes, please fill out the form below. We like to move quickly so we'll be in touch shortly.


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