Venue Hosting Sponsors

Showcase your space

As a Venue Host Sponsor, your company gets to be the spotlight and home base of a Tech Social for an evening. The total cost of this is usually slightly less than regular financial sponsorship.


What we look for in a venue

Ideally, you're easy to access by vehicle/public transport and have a big room where we can run the event.



Tech Socials are typically standing-room only (no chairs). We usually start setting up at 5:30pm and will be completely out of the building by 10:30pm (varies by city). We're very minimalist and easily make do with whatever is available onsite.


What hosting a Tech Social involves

Show your hospitality by providing space, drinks, and pizza -- and, of course, bringing your people so they have fun too.
Simple and easy.


Our organizers and volunteers take care of everything else. We'll set up and run the event so your team can relax and meet everyone, then flawlessly reset your office to its original condition before leaving.

Interested? Get in touch!

Please fill out the form below and we'll reach out if we're in your city. With limited hosting available over the year, we encourage Venue Host Sponsors to confirm their spots early. Thanks!