Venue Hosting Sponsors

Showcase your cool space.

Be our home for the evening. Your office will be the spotlight and home base of a Tech Social for an entire evening. Your people + Our people = TECH SOCIAL MAGIC.


What we look for in a venue host.

For our events, the ideal space is centrally located, easy to access by public transport and is easily drivable, plus preferably features a single large room that can fit all our attendees.



Tech Socials are typically standing-room-only (no chairs) and is available from 5:30pm until 10:30pm (varies by city). We don't mind packing a room with people because it is more conducive for interaction and looks good in pictures :). Our organizers generally have a welcome table at the entrance and a beverage station set up inside - we can be creative with existing furniture and make do with what's onsite!


What hosting a Tech Social involves?

We ask for your hospitality - just provide the event space for the Tech Social, drinks, and food - and of course, invite your team so that they can have fun and meet more people too. Sometimes extra tables are set up for SWAG or for you and other sponsors & partners. Simple and easy.


Our organizing teams make sure everything to do with the Tech Social runs well. This means that on the day of the event, they come in early with volunteers to coordinate things with you. First, we help arrange and set things up (like the welcome area, beverage station, moving furniture to optimize space, etc.) for opening time. Then it is a few hours of unpretentious, laid-back Tech Social -- we manage all this so you and your team can enjoy the event and meet all the people. When the Tech Social is done, we coordinate cleanup, reset things to how they were before, and get out so everyone can go home. 

Get in touch.

Ready to do this? Please fill out the triage form below and if we're active in your city, a local organizer will reach out. There's limited availability over the year, so we encourage venue host sponsors to get in touch early. This Google slide deck contains general sponsor info you can read before chatting.