Virtual Elite Meets


Invite-only events you exclusively sponsor, Virtual Elite Meets connect hand-picked, local or global tech professionals to share wisdom with each other and your team. These curated, specialized events bring out the expertise already in our communities while emphasizing the value of shared learning, and allows sponsors to learn about industry experts (and vice-versa) in a low-pressure, casual manner. What it entails:

What Happens


Arrival - Deep SuperConnect: Guests meet each other.

Opening - Welcome & Introductions: Company Leaders say hello, team introductions, etc.

Split into Rounds of Breakout Sessions: Share insights, get depth & engagement, showcase experience.

Closing - Group Discussion & Final Remarks: Gather for a group chat, then final talk.

Eschew shallow interactions with random people at job fairs; forget harried employer speed dating; remove the signal-to-noise ratio. Avoid Seekers (most fall here), meet with desirable Ninjas (employed, happy, skilled, elusive).

"Thanks for doing such a great job hosting the evening. It was a lot of fun [...] we'd like to proceed moving forward with similar events. Thanks again!"        -- Arlin D., Director of Talent Acquisition, SkipTheDishes

"...thank you for setting this up and being a phenomenal event manager! [...] thank you all for your stories. I personally left the room with some new aspects and ideas in mind, I am going to pitch some!"        -- Abbas H., Senior Tech Manager, Data Systems, SkipTheDishes

A single Elite Meet: Quality face-to-face engagement, meaningful relationship building, and aggregated thought leadership with 15+ talented guests who fit your exacting parameters.


Complement Internal Recruiting
HR-team coordinated effort that gives business teams and executive higher involvement in the talent search and cultivation process for key roles.


Build Grassroots Recognition in Communities
The authentic outreach alone speaks volumes for companies, communicating passion, talent, and cultural fit among it’s core values.


Reach Previously Unavailable Remote Talent
Geographical limitation is a thing of the past. With remote and hybrid-remote teams evolving in our changing world, this is the way to go for many.


Accelerated Linear Search
Compress the recruiting window with a wider, deeper net. Concurrently measure and evaluate candidates, saving multiples of time.


Additional Dimensions for Evaluation
Group behavior, conformity, judgement, conflict-resolution, tact, normative/informational influence, lead-taking or conforming, polarization, groupthink - the qualitative measures are innumerable for your team to note.


Works for Senior Non-Technical Pros too
Use Elite Meets for any industry and skillset. The customizablity of our application process and the event itself means we can re-tool into a search for strong General Managers in healthcare with a military background quite easily.

How it works

You are the sole-sponsor for a structured but casual online Virtual Elite Meet, held one evening with truly top-quality talent in a specific role (DevOps Manager, Head of Development, CTO, etc.) and/or with relevant experience (10+ years in data science, 15+ years in deployment, etc.). Our process:


Plan >>

Based on your goals, we detail an engaging event that appeals to the kinds of experienced professionals you’re looking for.


Promote >>

After crafting an easy-to-fill application form, we advertise the call for applications to our developer communities and channels.


Pick >>

Your team carefully reviews the qualified applicants we shortlist for you. Choose the ideal guests to invite for your Elite Meet.


Produce >>

We run the Elite Meet - guests spend the evening in conversation, forming connections and bonds. Everybody wins.


Merit-Based Selection
Shortlisting is done blind to remove accidental/unconscious bias from selection, so we standardize applicant intake for your team to triage. After you pick the most appropriate applicants, we’ll send them an event invitation.

Minimize Risk - Guaranteed Shortlist to Run
Extend event invitations only when the threshold of guest quality is met - We work until we have the right mix before moving forward.

Know Your Guests
We provide the full profiles of attending guests for your team to learn. By the Elite Meet, you’ll know to strategically flow the dialog effectively.


Natural Engagement, Online
We run Elite Meets with adaptable virtual conference platforms that emulate as much in-person-ness as possible.

"[The] event was fantastic, thank you again for organizing and please share my thanks with the SkipTheDishes team. [...] It totally surpassed my expectations - you really did assemble an amazing cast of characters."        -- Andrew K., Internal Audit Senior Manager, Hydro One

"...9 of us [...] from impressive CEOs to brilliant PhDs and [...] incredibly humbling to be included in this group of very accomplished people! [...] Never before have I had the privilege of being surrounded by so many of that caliber. Every person I had the pleasure of talking to was simply phenomenal. I'm still not quite over it if I'm being honest. I've only met a handful of people at quite that level in my life; being around such a high concentration of those sorts of people was a real treat."        -- Eric L.F., Machine Learning Researcher, SortSpoke

"I had the pleasure of being invited to the Data Professionals Elite Meet, the first of its kind [...] we shared laughs, stories, and wonder [...] from PhDs to CEOs of successful companies to highly ambitious, capable "humans with heart", Shaharris created an atmosphere unlike any other to celebrate triumphs and hurdles alike in a unique and humbling way. I had the best impression of the professional yet down to earth format of my first ever HackerNest event."        -- Cherrol X., Product Analyst/Coordinator, Roadpost

Performance Pricing

Elite Meets uses a value- and performance-based cost structure to encourage better results - and it is cheaper and more beneficial than traditional external recruiting. Straightforward, transparent prices are simple.


(i) a flat initial setup and marketing cost to set things in motion, 

(ii) a fee per guest that actually attends, and 

(iii) a modest success percentage should you hire a guest in the future.


If you are ready for a new paradigm in talent outreach, we should chat. Elite Meets are made-to-measure, please connect with us (form below) for details and customized options.



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