Handwritten Nametags - Here’s why we write them for every person

Nametags at our Tech Socials are always handwritten. Check the collage of photos from events we’ve run around the world. A first-name-only handwritten nametag is basic, rudimentary, and by some accounts, impractical. But we do it because of the aftereffects a simple exercise like that creates. Here’s how the interaction starts:

Volunteer: Hi! What’s your name? 
Attendee: Jayne. 
Volunteer: Jane….spelled J-A-N-E?
Attendee: Ah, no. Ja-Y-ne.
Volunteer: Of course. JaYne, gotcha.
Attendee: Gets people every time.
Volunteer: Almost got me, too! ** scribble, scribble ** Ok, great! Here’s your nametag.
Attendee: Thanks!
Volunteer: Sure thing - drinks are at the bar by the fancy coat racks. Talk to everyone! Everyone's friendly.
Attendee: Awesome.

That initial friendly, all-smiles, easy-to-handle interaction is a mood-lifter that sets the stage for the rest of the night. Before you even enter our event, you've had a positive social interaction. This can be a game changer for introverts.


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