11.1.20 - Happy 9th birthday, HackerNest!

Just like that, 365 days went by. HackerNest turned 9 yesterday. Every year, we try to hone and refine our raison d’etre, so here’s the 2020 version:

 “HackerNest events connect tech nerds so we can build a better future together. We want a world where strong, supportive tech communities power innovation in every city.”

Our 2019 revamp saw most Tech Socials upgraded with SuperConnect, the easy way to meet the whole room in 15 minutes. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so yay. A new platform, new organizers, new infrastructure, and new event blueprints all align with our singular focus to help folks in tech find friends, mentors, collaborators, and employers. Progress!

Thanks for being the chill, friendly, unpretentious community we’ve always wanted, HackerNest. Let’s hang out more in 2020!


Your pals,

the HackerNest HQ nerds <3


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