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General Managers providing interim strategic support, filling leadership gaps, and adding operational capacity - We’ll work alongside your nonprofit or social enterprise leadership team to deliver faster decision-making, cast stronger infrastructure, and actively manage core functions.


How we work.


Boutique means small & nimble. We deal with Department Heads, Executive Directors, CEOs, and other leaders in small-to-mid sized organizations. As advisors or operational managers, we want to compel rapid and pragmatic growth. We thrive on short-term, on-demand support encapsulated in 1-to-6 month exercises that are bursts of sustained momentum and deadline-oriented changemaking.

Immediately widen operating bandwidth and increase production runway; add permanent staff only when crucial.
Keep large, multi-year, interdependent projects with your existing teams.
We aren’t bound to unwavering institutional or traditional frameworks.

Modest pricing allows a wider band of organizations access to us as a flexible resource centered around project work.

Veteran operators in the fast-paced, ever changing playing fields we’ve traversed over the last decades, we get up-to-speed on your ecosystem quickly to make headway on mission-critical business.


Versatility in experience.


Our adaptability and diverse skill-sets are hard-earned with a wide breadth of leadership experience from an expanse of roles over multiple organizations and industries. Compounding this is our varied perspective from running bootstrapped and self-funded organizations in tough funding environments over to steering capital intensive projects -- We have also been primary investors & dealmakers, C-suite leaders, and senior advisors for some large and well-known franchises & retail brands in both privately-held and publicly-traded companies.


Here's a selection of organizations and brands our team has worked with: 

What we've done.

International Community Building

With an ultra-small, self-funded, scrappy core team, we built and branded, from scratch, an international, grassroots tech community ecosystem that brought local communities together regularly and provided key insights to local and federal policymakers on government-community relations. We produced over 1,200 tech events and innovation hackathons in 68+ cities around the world coordinating with over 850 organizers & volunteers to rally 100,000s of people in local communities together under a common banner of community-driven change & economic development.


Public Cause-Hackathons & Internal Innovation Mechanics

A veteran producer of large, public high-stakes hackathons and innovation events, we have a full understanding of how things fit within a grander plan -- whether that's to fuel product development, recruit, define culture, win political favor, shift brand perception, strengthen international relations, etc. For internal innovation exercises to break the mold on the status quo, we’ve helped decision-makers at some of the world's strongest brands turn innovation strategy into execution. From teaching teams the fundamentals of hackathon strategy, planning, and production to advising on ways to institutionalize hackathon mechanics into practice, the knowledge ends up living long in company DNA. Unlike others, we don’t try to run yours for you.


Restaurant Franchise Acquisitions & Operations Development

Specializing in greater Southeast & East Asia (and in other developing regions), we come out of the gate strong with seasoned relationships and depth-of-network in quickserve restaurants, fast casual chains, CPGs, integrated poultry and f&b operations, teas, and confectionaries. Our decades-minted strategic, industry, and operational savvy will help incumbents build & enhance replicable operating frameworks, enter new markets, or accelerate expansion. Deep experience with Top 15 QSR brands: Led a multi-country new market acquisition of a fast-food franchise. Acquired and built the operations of an 800+ outlet supra-regional franchisee. Other franchise M&A deals, joint ventures, capital raising, etc. Managed both private and public franchise and food-service companies. Named to Franchise Partner Advisory Councils, won franchisee of the year, best franchisee CEO worldwide, and a number of other operations and development excellence awards.

Sustainability & Environment

Crafted a long-term, sustainable growth strategy for an environmental nonprofit balancing revenue-generation, capability & resource, and staying true-to-mission.

International Cause Projects

Worked with multiple federal governments to deliver an innovative 43+ city hackathon series tackling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Startup Infrastructure

Board advisory and strategic/operational guidance from inception & prototyping, through to the sequential stages of the lifecycle for an accelerated & funded startup.

Private Equity & Deals

Competitive intelligence & dealmaking in CPGs, teas, trading and acquiring cocoa farms, bean production, and chocolate factories in the Asia Pacific Region.

NGO Field Management

Managed and delivered key, well-funded, independently run impact-driven healthcare support programs for a global intergovernmental organization in underdeveloped countries.

Marketing & Operations

Cross-functional centralized marketing/ops & finance projects to streamline independent operations in multiple countries for a large banking group.

Rapid Software Development

Navigated the front lines of technical product development and rapidly getting to market in both mature ecommerce companies as well as in bootstrapped SaaS startups.

Building Asset Portfolios

Built, launched, managed, and grew a product line into a multi-billion dollar national asset portfolio for the US arm of a Forbes-ranked global retail bank.

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